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Friday, 25 March 2016

Some days aren't okay

The last couple of months have admittedly been hard. I have had to change just about everything I thought I knew. I have had my views challenged, no sleep for days, started a new job, and on occasion handed in assignments to not the highest quality because I just couldn't mentally 'be bothered.  Something that I miss is going for walks and having time for myself. My job is mildly physical so I still get exercise in then and I feel great after work but I don't get to walk around town or go to the beach and just chill out. Thursday is my most full on day I leave home at 9 in the morning and I get to uni for class at ten then I have back to back classes until one then classes again at three until five then I have work from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. This two hours is my favourite two hours of the week, I am not at home or uni. I sit in outside this quite little cafe and drink coffee while either working, blogging or reading something on my laptop. These two hours seem so simple but they also give me so much pleasure. They are my favourite two hours of the week and only two hours it may be its my time and I can do whatever I want during this time. We have two weeks holiday from today onwards and I have so far had lunch with my sister and her boyfriend, cleaned my bedroom, done my washing and cleaned my bathroom. This afternoon after I finish writing this blog post I intend on publishing it, getting drafts of all my assignments done then spend time planning blog posts for May when I stat blogging properly again. I would also like to take a walk down the beach this afternoon but We will have to see if I have time for that.

The last few weeks I have learnt to stop and take some time for myself. The next two weeks I have on holiday I plan to use as time to prepare myself for the second half of this semester and I need to remember to plan time for myself and go to bed at a suitable hour. I get home between 8:00 and 8:30 at the moment then don't get to bed till about 11 which is something that definitely needs to change. I also need to use my mornings more as I am not enhancing the time I have at the moment. I have learnt how important time for myself is and also

Monday, 14 March 2016

Taking a Break...

After not blogging for a while I though you guys were owed some justification and so I can tell you what's going to happen with my blogging. At this stage I have no plans for any blog posts, I intend to start blogging again in May however in the next month and a half I have a lot to sort out.

A few weeks ago I moved cities away from my family and although I love the city I am in, I am having to drive home very weekend due to unforeseen circumstances I really want to tae the next to months to get myself into a routine, and change my lifestyle. I also have a lot of personal issues going on as well as university.

I felt bad for not posting without any answers for you all so I just wanted to let you all know hat is happening over the next few months.
Some of the thingsI want to achieve in the next few months are:

  1. Eating a balanced diet, cutting put most animal products.
  2. Getting regular exercise
  3. Creating a routine
  4. Getting my space organized

When I do start blogging again i have a lot of fun exciting posts that I cannot wait to share with you all, however this year I am focusing on my health both physically and mentally. Lately I have been quite physically ill and it has meant I have had to take time of uni which is not ideal, I have also struggled through some mental stuff which I am working together with my counsellor to overcome.
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Friday, 4 March 2016

Weekend Getaway: Travel Essentials

I am one of those crazy people that plans every detail of their lives regardless of if we know wether things will play out that way. I have a plan for everything and when I go on holiday that is certainly no exception In July this year I am going to the beautiful Nuie and of course that has got me in a planning swirl. What should I bring? what should I do?
Over here in little old New Zealand We are sadly leaving the summer months behind and that has gotten me thinking me and more about Nuie and what I am going to bring with me. 
Nuie is a beautiful island that has some beautiful scenery and if you haven't already go and google it... now!

These are my top Five essentials for when I travel to Nuie and below is why these are my essentials.

  • When travelling to a sunny place I think taking a good pair of sunnies is a given. However I tend to brake every decent pair of sunnies but the pair I have at the moment although are a cheap pair from a clothes store but I can say I do love them and they have lasted me more than a month so yay for cheap sunnies.
  • Okay another given is a good book while at the moment I have no favourites at the moment I am reading 'You're Loved No Matter What: Freeing Your Heart from the Need to Be Perfect' written by Holley Gerth. I am thoroughly enjoying this book so far.
  • A wide brim hat is another must and really you can't go wring with a floppy wide bring hat. what more is there to say, it's an essential.
  • Togs, obviously if your going to an island.
  • Ice cold water, I have to have cold water especially on a hot day. Often when I bring a bottle of icy cold water I also bring a few tea bags to make my own ice tea, and we all know that I am a tea addict whether it be hot or cold. 
Naturally dreaming about Nuie has led to me thinking about what I should do next and another
beach is definitely on the cards. I've fallen in love with the rentals on HomeAway in the Florida Panhandle more specifically, St. George Island.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

What I eat in a day + Recipes | Shopping

Mall food can be hard if you want healthy food, at the time of this what I eat in a day i was on holiday so I yes there is bad food, but its all about balance right?


Egg in Avo

2 Eggs
3 cherry tomatoes
1 Avocado
2 slices of toast
1 TBSP onion marmalade

1. Slice your avocado on half de-pip then also take out some of the insides. Put the insides on some freshly cooked toast. 
2 Put your freshly cracked eggs into the avocado 1 egg per half and bake at approx. 180C for 15 minutes. (this time and temp. may vary)
3. Take out of the oven and enjoy.


For lunch we went to this lovely Japanese place called 'Miso' in the mall. The food was fresh and you could choose from a variety of fresh healthy food.

I got this drink from another place which I can't quite recall the name of however it was an organic natural cafe with some amazing food as well. This drink is made from organic ginger, turmeric root, Mānuka honey, water and organic lemon and it feels so refreshing. 


We did have pizza that night however this is an image of another pizza I love as I never took a photo of our dinner that night.

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